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LANAP procedure is one of the most effective procedures for gum disease and periodontitis. Until recently, patients diagnosed with advanced periodontal disease had one option — periodontal surgery involving incisions, cuts, and downtime. Edge Dental offers the LANAP procedure, which uses laser energy to remove the diseased gum tissues and restore optimal oral health without extended downtime.

What is the LANAP Procedure?

LANAP, short for laser-assisted new attachment procedure, is a laser treatment for gum disease and bone regeneration. The world’s first FDA-approved laser device for bone regeneration, LANAP surgery involves using a specialized laser to remove damaged, diseased, and unhealthy gum tissues. Instead of making incisions, the LANAP dentist uses laser energy to kill harmful bacteria, remove accumulated tartar, and stimulate bone regeneration. The LANAP treatment addresses the root cause of periodontitis and reverses the damage.

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When Do You Need LANAP?

The LANAP procedure is meant for patients with periodontitis. When plaque and tartar accumulate in your gums, the toxins attract bacteria and lead to gum inflammation and decay, eventually leading to the recession of gums. The gums look red and swollen and soon start pulling away from the teeth. The LANAP procedure involves using specialized lasers to remove the diseased gum tissues and promote bone regeneration, thus reversing the effects of bacterial decay and periodontitis.

Benefits of LANAP Surgery:

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An Overview of the LANAP Procedure

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You can expect a highly personalized LANAP surgery at our dental office in Memorial City. Our LANAP dentist will perform laser gum treatment under local anesthesia at the dental office. The LANAP dentist will take digital scans and x-rays to determine the extent of periodontitis, identify the regions with severe gum decay, and curate a personalized LANAP treatment plan. The aim is to ensure safe, consistent, and reliable results without major complications or unwanted consequences.

During LANAP surgery, the LANAP dentist drives a small laser fiber between the gum tissues and teeth to remove the accumulated plaque, tartar, and bacteria.

What Can I Expect After LANAP Procedure?

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After removing the plaque and tartar from the roots, the laser energy is used to stimulate blood clot formations, thus sealing the pockets of space between the gums and teeth. The LANAP dentist repeats the procedure on both sides of the teeth — one side for each session.

You can expect mild soreness, tenderness, and discomfort after your LANAP surgery. Our LANAP dentist will prescribe over-the-counter pain medications, such as ibuprofen, to alleviate discomfort. Your gums might look discolored after the treatment, and you may need splints to enhance the stability of your teeth after LANAP surgery. You can resume most of your daily activities and work after 24 hours, but you may need to follow some aftercare guidelines.

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LANAP Procedure FAQs

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LANAP Procedure FAQs

  • Don’t brush or floss your teeth for at least 10 days after LANAP surgery
  • Don’t eat hard, hot, or crunchy foods for a few days after LANAP surgery
  • Don’t smoke for a few weeks before or after the LANAP procedure

It usually takes around 24 hours to heal from LANAP surgery — much quicker than the 2 to 4 weeks of recovery after traditional gum surgery.

Each LANAP surgery takes roughly two hours, and you need a total of two LANAP treatments.

LANAP surgery has a nearly perfect success rate — 87.9% of patients experience results similar to or better than traditional gum surgery. Studies show that LANAP surgery reduces tooth loss and stimulates natural gum and bone regeneration.

If your tooth is loose because of gum disease, LANAP surgery can save your tooth. This procedure uses laser energy to stimulate natural bone regeneration, so it can stimulate healing and save your teeth.

LANAP surgery is meant for patients diagnosed with moderate to severe gum disease, i.e., periodontitis. If you have loose teeth, severe gum bleeding, or other symptoms of periodontitis, you might be the ideal candidate for LANAP surgery.

LANAP is one of the safest and most effective treatments for gum recession caused by gum disease. Laser energy stimulates natural gum and bone regeneration, allowing your gums to heal around your teeth and reverse the effects of gum disease.

You must undergo gum disease treatment if you have periodontitis to avoid severe infections, tooth loss, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, and other systemic health problems.

You will be on a liquid diet for a few days after LANAP surgery. After a few days, you can start eating soft and cold foods like fish, pasta, and soft vegetables. You should avoid hard, crunchy, and hot foods for at least 10 days.

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