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Edge Dental Houston, also known as Laser Dentistry Near Me, is a state-of-the-art dental clinic that uses cutting-edge laser technologies for dental procedures. We use the latest and safest laser technologies for natural biostimulation, periodontal treatments, gum depigmentation, and endodontic surgery. The Periolase MVP-7 represents the highest standards of dentistry, allowing us to address a wide range of dental problems, such as advanced gum disease, without scalpels, incisions, or surgeries that necessitate weeks of downtime. You can find our dental office at 15455 Memorial Dr #400 Houston, TX.

What is Periolase MVP-7?

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The Periolase MVP-7 is a 6-watt free-running variable pulsed Nd:YAG dental laser with 7 pulse durations — the most versatile laser device on the market. We can customize the Periolase MVP-7 according to the settings for 20 procedures, which allows us to personalize the treatment according to your specific needs and concerns. The device generates calibrated pulses of laser energy to treat periodontitis, stimulate optimal healing, and improve your gingival health.

Dentists prefer the Periolase MVP-7 because it demonstrates the human body’s incredible capacity to heal itself. Instead of simply killing unwanted bacteria and removing diseased gingival tissues, this laser platform also stimulates natural gum and bone regeneration. This procedure encourages your body to heal itself and reverse the effects of gum disease, ensuring optimal gingival stability. Since this laser device negates the need for scalpels, your recovery period is minimal — you can resume most daily activities within 24 hours.

PerioLase (Colored)

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Benefits of Periolase MVP-7:

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Periolase MVP-7 is also used for biostimulation, also known as low-level laser therapy. We deliver highly calibrated wavelengths of light energy into the gum tissues to catalyze your body’s innate healing processes, such as gum regeneration, bone regeneration, and increased blood circulation. Laser energy can stimulate and suppress the biological processes within your body, stimulate blood circulation, help muscles relax, block inflammation, and alleviate pain. Because of these reasons, dental procedures with the Periolase MVP-7 are virtually painless.

Endodontic Surgery

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Endodontic surgery is a type of oral surgery that saves a damaged or diseased tooth from complete decay. A root canal is a type of endodontic procedure because it involves the extraction of the contents from the pulp chamber to protect the diseased tooth. Endodontic surgery also resolves all problems associated with damaged roots and failed root canals. We use the Periolase MVP-7 laser device during endodontic surgeries to ensure optimal gingival healing and minimize the recovery period.

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Periolase MVP-7 is also used for gum depigmentation, a procedure that brightens the gum tissues to improve the cosmetic value of your smile. You may develop dark or discolored gums for several reasons, such as taking certain medications, smoking frequently, or genetic factors. But most factors for gum hyperpigmentation have the same root — overactive melanin production. The excess production of melanin darkens your gum tissues, even if you have perfect oral health. Dark and discolored gums can make you feel self-conscious.

Gum depigmentation, also known as gum bleaching, is a safe and effective procedure that brightens your gum tissues. The dentist channels highly personalized wavelengths of laser energy into the darkly pigmented cells of your gums. The laser energy destroys the pigmented cells and facilitates their expulsion from the body, thus revealing the brighter and pinker gum tissues underneath. Gum depigmentation with Periolase MVP-7 is painless, safe, and effective — the results appear within a few days.

LANAP Procedure

The LANAP procedure is the most effective laser-based treatment for advanced periodontitis. The accumulation of plaque and tartar in the teeth and gums can lead to a higher concentration of harmful bacteria that cause gum inflammation. Over time, as bacteria proliferate in the pockets of space between your gums and teeth, your gums may start pulling away, leading to increased gum recession. Periodontitis can eventually lead to the loss of teeth and numerous systemic health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and dementia.

The LANAP procedure involves using the cutting-edge PerioLase MVP-7 to reverse the effects of periodontitis. The laser dentist channels laser energy into the oral cavity to remove the diseased gum tissues, kill harmful bacteria and stimulate natural regeneration. Over time, your body grows new gingival and bone tissues to tighten the gap between the gums and teeth. The LANAP procedure treats periodontal disease and facilitates healing without damaging the healthy tissues, thus ensuring optimal results with minimal discomfort or side effects.

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Edge Dental Houston is widely considered one of the best offices for laser dentistry near me in Houston. We use cutting-edge laser devices, such as the Periolase MVP-7 to treat periodontal disease and stimulate natural healing. Our laser technologies catalyze the body’s innate healing properties to reverse the effects of gum disease and bacterial decay, helping you achieve optimal oral health. We personalize all treatment plans to ensure safe, consistent, and natural-looking results aligned with your expectations. Please schedule an appointment to explore your treatment options at our dental office in Spring Branch, TX 78070.